Аэропорты: Трапани - Палермо
Порты: Шакка - Мадзара-дель-Валло
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Valley of temples
South of Sicily

Sciacca is an ancient thermal locality and a well-known seaside resort, placed on the south-western coast of Sicily, 60 Km away on the northern side of Agrigento. Its origins trace back to the VI century B.C. when Sciacca was an either an outpost and a thermal resort of the Greek colony of Selinunte. First destroyed by the Carthaginians in 409 B.C. and soon re-founded by the Romans, Sciacca became an authentic commercial power under the Arab rule and was later fortified by the Normans. The locality looks like a marvellous terrace by the sea with its particular Arabian style fishermen quarter and its variegated tourist and fishing harbour. Along its town-centre streets tourists have the chance to admire interesting monuments or buy, in the several shops, local handicraft ware (ceramics, corals, Tunbridge woods). Particularly worth visiting are: the Castello dei Luna (Castle of the Luna family); the baroque Duomo; the pretty Catalan-gothic style Steripinto mansion. Besides it is wortth attending the Carnival of Sciacca which is one of the most important happenings all over Sicily, of course. An oddity: the evanesced island. In July 1831 a volcanic island emerged from the seawaters in front of Sciacca. A great deal of amazement and discussions followed and after several disputes the island was christened “Ferdinandea” in order to honour the Hispanic sovereign. But just 5 months later the island disappeared.


The “Valley of the Temples” of Agrigento is 60 Km away, the archaeological park of Selinunte is 30 Km away, Caltabellotta is 20 Km away, Eraclea Minoa is 25 Km away, Segesta is 75 Km away, Trapani (links to the Egadi Islands) is 100 Km away, Palermo is 120 Km away, Erice is 110 Km away, Mazara del Vallo is 50 Km away, Marsala is 70 Km away, Catania is 260 Km away.

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