Аэропорты: Комисо - Катания
Порты: Рипосто - Катания
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Acireale is an ancient thermal small town situated on the eastern coast of Sicily, 20 Km on the north of Catania. Its history is characterized by the earthquakes and the eruptions of the Etna that, several times, have upset the order of the territory. The last reconstruction – after the earthquake in the 1693 – has conferred to the place, the actual splendid Baroque look that made of Acireale, one of the most beautiful locality of Sicily. Worth visiting are: San Sebastian Church, the Zelantea art gallery, the theatre of the Puppets Opera, the Cathedral square that presents an enchanting Baroque scenery; we remember the Carnival that, with its allegorical floats of papier-mâché, attracts visitors from all the world. In the surroundings you can admire: landscapes offered by the volcanic hinterland; view of the next Cyclops’s Riviera; fishing-villages, like Santa Tecla, Stazzo, Santa Maria la Scala…situated at the foot of the Timpa, a ridge of millennial layers of lava overlapped, that stands until 200 meters. Till today the Timpa, covered by a typical rich vegetation, represents a naturalistic and geological heritage of an extraordinary charm.


Catania is Km 16 away, Siracusa is Km 80 away, Ragusa is Km 120 away, Agrigento is Km 180 away, Taormina is Km 35 away, Messina is Km 80 away, Palermo is Km 240 away.

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