Аэропорты: Палермо - Катания
Порты: Милаццо - Палермо
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Nebrodi Park
North-east of Sicily

Santo Stefano di Camastra is a pretty characteristic small village situated on the Tyrrhenian coast , almost at the limit between the provinces of Messina and Palermo. The village is renowned owing to its ancient manufacturing art of the ceramics and still maintains the typical traits, tastes and life style of Sicily. Along its downtown streets there are several workshops where you get the chance to buy local handicraft wares made out of very refined and colourful ceramics. So much suggestive is Viale delle Palme (Palm Avenue) from which it is possible enjoying the sight of orchards, gardens and picturesque mounts enlighten by some white-coloured built up areas such as Reitano, Pollina, Tusa. From the seaside shore you can admire the long and sinuous stretch of coast including the Rocca di Cefalù (Rock of Cefalù) and – a little bit farther – Capo Gallo (Cape Cock) and the Aeolian Islands in the background. Worth visiting are: the Duomo (Cathedral) built in 1685 and still guarding statues and paintings tracing back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; the Chiesa di SS. Maria della Catena (Church of our Lady of the Chain) with the tomb of the Duke of Camastra; the Palazzo Sergio (Sergio Palace) seat of the ceramics’ museum. Happening: the Exhibition of the Ceramics taking place during the month of August.


Cefalù is 35 Km away; Capo d’Orlando is 52 Km; Palermo is 100 Km away; Milazzo is 110 Km away; the Aeolian Islands (links from Milazzo and Capo d’Orlando); Taormina is 180 Km away; the Aetna is 130 Km away; Catania is 215 Km away.

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