Аэропорты: Трапани - Палермо
Порты: Фавиньяна - Трапани
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Islands and Archipelagos

It is the farthest – on the western side of Sicily – and the most mountainous of the Egadi Islands: Marettimo – the ancient Hiera (“sacred island” in Greek language) of the Greeks – is nearly 37 Km away from Trapani, it extends upon a superficies of 12 sq. m and 600,000 years ago was the first of the Egadi Islands to become detached from Sicily, so permitting the development and conservation of some particular botanic endemism which are not findable on the other “little sisters” islands of the archipelago and to which add numerous fauna species such as moufflons, deer, eagles of Bonelli and pilgrim-hawks. The natural aspect, yet unchanged through time, is the strong point of this island of fishermen where car transit is forbidden and everything is easily reachable on foot in the only inhabited centre subdivided into three zones following one another in the space of ten or so metres: Scalo Nuovo (where hydrofoils and ferries dock), Scalo di Mezzo and Scalo Vecchio (Old Fishermen Port). All of this extending between low white houses brighten up by blue-coloured doors and shutters, narrow roads and Lilliputian-like tiny squares. In order to catch the beauty of Marettimo – which by some scholars has been considered to be the real “Ulysses’ Ithaca” narrated by Homer in his “Odyssey” poem – you cannot miss a tour on boat organised by the skilled local fishermen which head you to the discovery of Punta Troia and its Castle (XII century) castled on a rocky cliff (116 metres high on the sea level) overhanging the sea; and hence towards the several caves as Grotta del Tuono, Grotta del Cammello, Grotta della Bombarda and also to the fantastic zone called “i Barranchi” characterized by high and large towers of white and grey-coloured dolomite rock. Just a look above and in a blink it is like finding yourselves inside the dolomite sceneries of Trentino Alto Adige. Not less spectacular is the landscape – which you can admire along the different pedestrian routes of the hinterland, immersed in the perfumes of thyme, rose marine, Aleppo pine-trees and wild fennel – overlooked from the top of Monte Falcone (Falcone Mount, 686 metres high on the sea level). Here – suspended between sky and sea – one comes upon the magic and spirit of Marettimo which has been defined “definitely the most beautiful Italian island after Capri” by Fulco Pratesi.


Transfer connections: by hydrofoils and ferries from Trapani.

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