Аэропорты: Палермо - Катания
Порты: Липари - Милаццо
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Islands and Archipelagos

Black and white are the colours of the gemstones of Lipari, the biggest and most populated of the seven Aeolian islands. The very black obsidian, a volcanic glass produced when the lava cools, and the white, light pumice stone have beaten for centuries the economy of the island and have characterized its landscape, molded by a dozen of volcanoes. This special alternation of colours that evidences the ancient past is well visible in the valley “Muria” and along the northeast shore covered by a pumice stone flow in which intertwine expanses of obsidian in “Forgia Vecchia”, “Rocche Rosse” and in “Canneto”. In Lipari the several seacoasts where to have great swim are the one of the bay of “Canneto” bounded by the volcanic promontory “Monte Rosa”, of the beach of “Vinci” close to the “faraglioni Pietralunga e Pietra Menalda” (isolated crags in the sea), and of the creek “Spiaggie Bianche” that faces turquoise waters. To the wonderful marine settings, that tempt one to bathe in crystal clear water, are added trekking routes that let enjoy exciting landscapes, like the “Belvedere di Quattrocchi” from where can be even seen the Etna’s silhouette when the weather is bright. To get into the island daily and nightly scene one has to go to the lively, typical town of Lipari, full of restaurants, cafés, shops and night-clubs. In this resort, overlooked by the castle, a destination not to miss is the archaeological museum, that is one of the most interesting of the whole Mediterranean. It preserves precious finds and gives the chance to go on a fascinating journey through 7000 years of history.


Transfer connections: by hydrofoils and ships from the harbours of Naples, Messina, Milazzo.

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