Аэропорты: Палермо - Катания
Порты: Липари - Милаццо
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Islands and Archipelagos

Stromboli – mysterious and spectacular volcano-island belonging to the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands, situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea and exactly on the north-eastern side of Sicily – emerges from the deep and crystalline blue waters seeping between rocky cliffs of lava stone and delicious beaches of dark sand. Become world wide known thanks to Ingrid Bergman (as actress) and Roberto Rossellini (as director) who in 1949 shot the movie “Stromboli – Terra di Dio” (Stromboli – Land of God), the island is characterized by its typical cubic-shaped white houses clinging on narrow paths and by its flights of steps and blooming courtyards. On the island – which counts nearly 420 inhabitants called “strombolani” – even though the essential facilities (first-aid station, post office, automatic cash dispenser, grocer’s, bars, restaurants) are easily within reach the circulation articulates either on foot and also by electric cars or by the typical motor scooters Ape. By decision of the residents themselves, the streets are enlighten at night exclusively by torches, lanterns and by the stars…a new dimension out of time…a sensational and marvellous silence. Such an amazing island which fascinates because of its wild nature and most of all because of its volcano – unique all over Europe – with its permanent eruptive activity: spectacular explosions at regular intervals (every 15-20 minutes), launches of incandescent lapillus and fragments of magma throwing downwards the sea along a steep slant named “sciara del fuoco”. Inside of this imposing volcanic landscape – and precisely in the north-eastern zone – raises the inhabited centre of the island: Ficogrande, Piscità, San Vincenzo and Ginostra on the opposite western side.This last is a tiny village of 30 people reachable only via sea. The excursions to the craters – whose visit with patented guides is recommended – is a unique experience but quite demanding in fact it takes 3 hours walking along the footpaths to reach the volcano logic observatory distancing just 100 metres from the 3 active cones.


Transfer connections by hydrofoils and ferryboats from the ports of Milazzo, Messina, Reggio Calabria, Naples and Palermo.

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