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Travel to Sicily

Aeroporti, navi e trasporti interni e noleggio auto. Come arrivare e muoversi in Sicilia

For those who are deciding to get our beautiful island, this is a guide to get all helpful information about how to rech Sicily and how to move there: flights, public and private tranposrts, passport and visa.

Per venire incontro ai vostri desideri, abbiamo creato le seguenti categorie di alloggi, raggruppandoli in base alla posizione ed a determinate caratteristiche che li rendono particolarmente adatti a soddisfare esigenze specifiche.

Lasciatevi ispirare per le prossime vacanze e non esitate a rivolgervi al nostro team per ricevere una consulenza specifica e individuale.




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Internal transports
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Car rental
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Most people have no problem visiting Sicily and we hope that will be the same for you. It is always worth double checking the requirements before you travel so as to avoid any nasty surprise. For the most up to date advise for citizens of your country we recommend you speack you foreign office.

Passport and visas

A full passport or national ID card is required for visitors to Italy from the UK and other EU states.
Non EU residents should also check visa requirements with foreign office.

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