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Internal transports

Sicily by Bus

Bus lines reach almost every tourist destination in Sicily, and they are faster and more comfortable than trains, although a bit more expensive. There are 3 companies in Sicily, Sais, Ast and Interbus, which cover the entire territory, connecting the main towns among each other. Local connections are also ensured by numerous smaller companies.
More information: www.interbus.it/, http://www.saisautolinee.it/
and http://www.aziendasicilianatrasporti.it/

Sicily by Car

The aurostrade (toll roads) are well maintained in Sicily. You can drive on a highway from Mazara del Vallo to Palermo, from Palermo to Messina and to Catania, and from Catania to Siracusa. You will probably want to avoid driving in large cities, but the regional roads are good and scenic views present themselves often.
More information: www.autostrade.it/, www.autostradesiciliane.it/

Getting To and From Sicily by Train

You can get to Sicily without leaving your train, as long as you’re coming from mainland Italy; your train is loaded onto a barge for the short trip across the straits of Messina. Getting from Naples to Siracusa takes about 9-10 hours on the train. It will take more time that you think to travel in Sicily on the train, as trains, even along the main lines from Palermo to Siracusa, are notably slow.
More information: http://www.trenitalia.com/

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